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Note. All rentals are subject to Washington State sales tax unless we receive a properly completed motion picture sales tax exemption form. This form is linked as a pdf from the “FORMS” tab on our website’s main page. or just click  the link below!

Washintgon State motion picture sales tax exemption form.pdf

All pricing reflects rental rates/day. Contact us for inquiries about quantity and gear availability.

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$200.00 KinoFlo Select 30 LED 2 light kit.

$30.00 4′ or 2′ Quasar crossfade LED tubes. 2000-6000k

$275.00 Arri Skypanel S60. (available with chimera and eggcrate.)

$150.00 Litegear Litemat 2L Plus kit.

$150.00 Litegear Litemat 4 S2 kit.

$200.00 Litegear Litemat 4 Plus kit.

$100.00 Lightstorm bi-color 1X1 LED two light kit. Can run on AC or v-mount batteries.           (batteries available for rent separately)

$50.00 Dracast LED 200 bicolor 2 light kit.

$20.00 MacTech LED tubes. 4′ daylight or tungsten. (Plugs into wall! Can be dimmed with a standard hand squeezer.)

$15.00 MacTech LED tubes 2′ daylight or tungsten. (Plugs into wall! Can be dimmed with a standard hand squeezer.)




$100.00 Light Panel Astra Bi-Color 1X1 LED panel. (both 4X and 6X versions.)  Can run on 10 amp high current V-mount batteries.

 $200.00 Astra 2 light kit. includes carrying case, DOP snap box soft boxes and 40degree grids.



$300.00 Arri M18 HMI with flicker free electronic ballast.

$150.00 Cinepar 1.2K HMI PAR, scrims, lenses & ballast.

 $125.00 575 HMI PAR with flicker free internal ballast.

$200.00 Jo-leko kit. K5600 800 watt HMI with flicker free ballast, head cable, ETC source four head and choice of lens tube. (This is a pre-assembled Joker bug Leko only kit. with ought the PAR reflector. )









$50.00 Chimera pancake lantern (medium) with skirt and Chimera Triolet mogul base. (Tungsten lights up to 1000w.)

$50.00 Arri 5K complete.

$20.00 24” Lantern lock china ball system. Mogul globes up to 1000 watts. (120v)

$15.00 12” Lantern lock china ball system. Mogul globes up to 500 watts.

$35.00 Baby 2k complete.

$25.00 Source Four 750w Leeko. (Baby mount). 19, 50 or 26 degree available.

 $35.00 Studio 2K complete.

$30.00 Arri 750 HPL open face with speed ring.

$35.00 1K 6” Fresnel.

$20.00  1K Redhead open face.

$30.00 650 Fresnel.

$30.00 300 watt fresnel.

$40.00 Mighty Mole 2K open face.

$20.00 150 watt fresnel.




 $150.00 Honda Eu6500is inverter generator (60 amps).

Professionally modified for film use, our Honda genny will produce a continues 60 amps on a single 120 volt circuit using our full power step down transformer. This allows for the use of big 120 volt lights such as 5 K tungsten fresnel’s or 4-6K HMI’s. With the addition of bates distro cable and lunch boxes, you can have a portable 60 amp power system on location. The generator is equipped with an electronic fuel pump for use with our additional 14 gallon fuel caddy. This allows the genny to run at full power all day with ought stopping production to refuel.

$50.00/day 2000w inverter genny. (Very quiet) 1800w continuous 2200 peak power. great for using with LED’s and or fluorescents. Easily fits into small car trunk and can be lifted by one person. Pull out handle and built in wheels make this extremely versatile. Better than Honda Eu2000i.

Ryobi 2200 inverter genny






Will provide 2 legs of 30 amps/leg from an L14-30 twist lock. (*Available 30 amp per leg lunch box with L14-30 in to 4 X Edison 20  amp GFCI duplex sockets. )



 $50.00 84 amp 240v-120v Step down transformer

with 5-10% voltage boost. (Combines the two legs of a 240volt 60hz electrical system into one perfectly balanced 120volt load.    When ran on a 7500 watt putt-putt genny this transformer allows 60 amps at 120v on one bates circuit to power a 6K HMI, or 5k tungsten Fresnel at 120v! Used with a 50-amp range plug adapter, this transformer will output 84 amps at 120v on one balanced circuit all within NEC and OSHA guidelines. This will allow a kitchen Stove plug to power a 10,000 watt tungsten Fresnel or PAR or two 5K tungsten Fresnel’s. Bates distro cable and Edison boxes are available to create an independent electrical distro system in any existing residential commercial industrial complex or with a 7KW portable generator. The transformer has a built in voltage trim adjustment in 5 and 10% voltage increases. This can be used to mitigate line loss when making long cable runs to ensure proper 120 volts to your lighting equipment. Inquire for additional details.)



$6.00 100’10/3. 20amp

$5.00 100’12/3. 15amp

$5.00 50′ 10/3. 20amp

$4.00 50′ 12/3. 15amp

$3.00 25′ 12/3. 15amp


Splitters & Adapters:

$9.00 100 amp bates male to (2) 60 amp bates female.

$8.00 60 amp bates male to (2) 60 amp bates female.

$6.00 Cam-lok female suicide pin (ground).

$2.00 15 amp edison quad box.

$3.00 20 amp edison quad box.

$2.00 20 amp to 15amp wall plug converter.

$0.50 Cube taps, 15 amp.

$0.50 Ground lifters.

$9.00 Snakebite 110v, Cam-lok to 100 amp bates. (Internal 100 amp fuse. Keeps the Fire Marshal happy)


$2.50 15 amp 6 Edison outlet power strip.



$3.00 1KW hand squeezer. 0-100%

$35.00 Magic Gadgets 2K dimmer flicker box. magic-gadgets-2k-flicker-dimmer-box-2000w-5







 $50.00 400 amp three phase cam-lok pass through distro box. 3X 100 amp bates out 120v. 1 X 100 amp 240v.

$25.00 100 amp lunch box.

$15.00 Mole 100 amp gang box.

$15.00 60 amp bates pass through snack box.

$15.00  60 amp bates gang box.

$12.00 60 amp bates fused gang box.

$20.00 50 amp twist lock, 5×20 amp Edison duplex lunch box.

$11.00 50’ 100 amp bates extension. (120v)

$9.00 50’ 60 amp bates extension. (120v)

$15.00 50’ 4-wire #2 SC cam-lok feeder cable.

$6.00 25’ 60 amp bates extension SO 8/3. (45 amps)

$12.00 100’ 6/3 SOOW with 50 amp twist lock and open neutral, 240v. (for use as generator feeder cable to step down transformer.)

Tie-in Kits:

$25.00 5 wire three phase #2 SC. Neutral and ground terminated with 190 amp Trico’s. Phase wires are bare wire. Cam-lok on distro end towards lighting equipment. (reverse ground) Contact local Authority having jurisdiction about NEC and local electrical code for installation of this equipment.




$5.50 40″ main 2 riser’s w/40′ gobo arm/knuckles.

$5.50 20″ main 2 riser w/20” gobo arm/knuckles.


Light stands/Overhead stands:

$10.00 14′ Combo junior/baby light stands.

$12.00 14′ tripple rise mini mombo combo’s.

$8.00 10’ Rolling baby 5/8 light stands.

$15.00 18’6″ Junior hi-stands w/4.5″ grip head.

$12.50 15’ Medium roller with 4.5 grip head.

$10.00 15’ Three riser junior combo roller.

$ 9.00 low-boy combo.

$10.00 low boy roller combo.

$7.00  3 riser beefy baby.


Mounting equipment/clamps:

$2.00 20” grip arm and grip head.

 $0.50 #1 Spring clamp.

$0.75 #2 Spring clamp.

$1.00 #3 Spring clamp.

$5.00 Mathellini Clamp.

$5.00 Cheesborough clamps (swivel).

$2.50 Mafer clamp.

$6.00 4.5” grip head, Lollipop.

 $5.00 Big Ben clamp.

 $2.50 Baby pipe clamps.

$2.50 Junior wall plate.

$3.00 Junior pipe clamp.

$3.00 Baby side arm/single.

$3.00 Junior combo boom, extends to 8’.

$5.00 Assorted cribbing blocks and wedges.

$2.50 Gaffer grip.

$1.50 Scissors clamp.

$2.50 12” baby furniture clamp.

$3.00 Tree branch holder.

$2.50 foam core/bead board plate w/swivel mount.

$5.00 1 ¼” pipe mount wall spreader.

$5.00 2×4” wall spreader.

$5.00 Double baby side arm.

$5.00 Junior side arm (single).

$5.00 Baby triple-header.

$1.50 Junior pin to Baby, drop pin adapter.

$2.50 4” baby C-clamp.

$2.50 6” baby C-clamp.

$2.50 8” baby C-clamp.

$2.50 8” Junior C-clamp.

$2.50 Quacker clamp/bead-board holder.

$3.00 Chain Vise grip dual baby pins.

$2.00 3” stem, baby pin wall plate. (Pigeon plates, mounted to wood base. )


 Grip Accessories:

$5.00 1.5″X1.5″X1.5″x 4″ step blocks (set of 4).

$12.00 Collapsible 20’ aluminum 4-tiered “little giant” style double sided A-frame or straight ladder.

$3.50 3′ single sided step ladder,

$1.25 Safety cables. (Assorted lengths)

$4.00 30lb sand bags.

$2.50 Full apple box.

$2.50 Half apple box.

$2.50 Quarter apple box.

$2.50 Pancake apple box.




$3.00  18×24″ single net.

$3.00  18X24″ double net.

$3.00  18X24” solid flag.

$3.00  18X24” artificial silk.

$4.00  18X48” solid cutter.

$5.00 24X36” single net.

$5.00 24X36” double net.

 $5.00  24X36″ solid flag.

$5.00  24X36″ artificial silk.

$5.00  24X36” china silk.

$10.00 24X48” cutter.

$10.00 4X4’ floppy.

$10.00 4X4 poly silks.

$12.00 4X4’ china silk.

$10.00 4X4’ single scrim

$11.00 4X4’ double scrim.

$8.00  40X40” ceilo cucoloris.




$35.00 42×42” silver aluminum hard bounce (with soft side) locking yoke. (Mounts to a junior receiver)







$45.00 42×42” mirror board reflector. Locking yoke with silver reflector on backside. Junior pin.







$5.00 36″ gold/silver, lame/bounce with extension arm and baby receiver

$8.00 60″X 36″ gold/silver, lame/bounce convertible into a full poly silk.


 Empty Frames:

 $5.00 18X24” flat blade aluminum.

$5.00 24X36” flat blade aluminum.

 $6.00 48X48” flat blade aluminum.




$20.00 20×20 overhead frame ears and corners set.

$10.00 12X12, 8X8 or 6X6 overhead frame ears and corners set for 1″ square tubing.

$75.00 20X20 Solid

$75.00 20X20 half grid

$75.00 20×20 hilite diffusion.

$15.00 12’X12’ poly silk.

$15.00 12’x12′ silent half grid cloth.

$20.00 12×12 1/4 silent grid cloth.

$20.00 12×12 hilite diffusion.

$15.00 12’X12′ 1/4 silk.

 $15.00 12’X12’ single net/scrim.

$25.00 12’X12’ Ultra Bounce.

$15.00 12’X12’ solid

$15.00 12X12′ B/W griff.

$20.00 12X12’ Unbleached Muslin.

$25.00 8X8’ frame.

$25.00 8X8’ B/W grifflon.

$25.00 8X8 full silk.

$20.00 8×8 hilite diffusion.

$20.00 8×8′ silent half grid cloth.

$20.00 8×8 1/4 silent grid cloth.

$20.00 8×8′ ultra bounce.

$25.00 8X8’ Unbleached muslin.

$20.00 6’X6’ frame complete.

$12.00 6’X6’ silver bounce.

$12.00 6’X6′ 1/4 silent grid cloth.

$12.00 6’x’6 hilite diffusion.

$12.00 6’X6’ ultra bounce.

$12.00 6×6’ solid.

$12.00 6X6’ poly silk.

$12.00 6’X6′ 1/4 silk.




 $150.00 Dana Dolly universal rental kit. Comes with low boy combo stands, floor mount adapters and choice of 4’,6’,8’10’ or 12’  1 1/4 pipe.







$48.00 Matthews Doorway Dolly w/sideboards.





Steel track$12.00  steel track 8 or 4’ sections.






129239933118128707 $45.00 Dolly carrier/tray wheels (centipede). Works with curved track.






 $5.00 2”X4” crate of cribbing.

$5.00 12”X4”X2” track wedges. (Crate of 60)



Adhesives: (billed as used)

Gaffer’s tape (Black, White, Grey)

Snot tape

Paper Tape


Party Pack 12” gel cuts:

$7.00 Primary red

$7.00 Medium blue

$7.00 Primary green

$7.00 Light rose

$7.00 Pale gold


Gel Rolls. 48”X25’ (billed as used).




Tough frost


1/8 CTB



Full CTB

Full CTO

1/8 CTO

Minus green

¼ minus green

1/8 minus green

Plus green (tough)

½ Plus green (tough)

1/8 plus green

.3 ND

.6 ND

.9 ND

1.2 ND



#12 sash cord

#8 sash cord

#4 sash cord

Black cine-foil (12”X50’).

Assorted foam core. (Billed as used)



$40.00/day Senior magliner with dual shelves. 24X48.

Magliner senior










C-stand cart.  Holds 14 C+ stands.








Small flag cart. Holds 48 flags, flag_box_3silks, nets up to 24×36”.








4X4 Cart. Holds 28 48×48” Flags, silk, nets and foam core plus two 42X42” hard bounce boards.







RUB-01with Drawer & Hook

Multi-purpose Large utility cart with 8″ care-free tires.  (polyurethane).






Grip truck: 

(Call for pricing) 2006 Freightliner M2. Custom body with 5000lb aluminum lift gate, side door access and jockey boxes.

For product inquiries or rentals please contact us at:

Phone:   360-471-5557



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