Grip Trucks

Northwest Grip operates out of a 3 grip trucks. Our Mercedes Sprinter van 3500 is equipped with a 2 ton grip package, our Mercedes Sprinter van 2500 is equipped with a 2 ton package and our custom Ford Transit Connect micro grip van is equipped with a half ton package. Our grip rigs were designed and intentionally tailored to meet the needs of our Seattle and PNW clients.

Our vehicles are inspected and serviced routinely to ensure optimum performance and reliability during your production. 

Light fixtures are pulled on an “a la carte” basis. We are available to speak with production and/or your DP to pre-determine a list of fixtures needed for the production. We always carry extra fixtures on the truck, which can be pulled if needed.  

See a detailed list of lighting fixtures under “equipment rentals.” 

2 ton truck rental cost: $400/day. + fuel and mileage. 

 2 ton truck with our current GRIP only package is $400/day. There is no additional fee for straight mileage. Fuel costs are additional.  Fuel charges will be calculated by mileage from the time the truck leaves on rental day to the time it returns at the end of the rental period.

Transit Connect grip van rental cost: $300/day. + fuel and mileage.

The micro grip truck is perfect for the indy film or small corporate video.  Our Transit Connect grip van is the first of it’s kind to accommodate 4×4 flags and maintain 6′ 1″ height clearance for even the most challenging urban parking garages.