Arri M18 HMI for rent in Seattle

Happy to announce we picked up our first ARRI M18. After going back and forth about ballasts I decided to go with the power gems Arri LTM combo 1800w PFC electronic ballast. The power factor correction of the Power Gems is a huge upside for this M18. The standard Arri ballast actually draws a little over 20 amps which can be problematic for many circuits that are older or have other inline fixtures within the same circuit. The EB180P Power Gems ballast has power factor correction ensuring that the ballast draws little additional energy that is not transferred to the lamp head coming in at 16amp vs 20.5 with the Arri. When on set the last thing you want to worry about is a breaker tripping or a line catching fire. With our new ballast you will have 4 amps to spare on a 20 amp circuit!