Flanders Scientific DM170 10-bit production monitor

The DM170 is the perfect 10bit compact field production monitor. This is the standard for colorists and series DP’s looking to obtain accurate image rendition in capture.

We have a kit that includes a  versatile Matthews baby stand mount, sun hood, rain cover, Nanuk hard case and v mount battery plate.  $150/day.  Contact us for availability.

Osee 15.6″ 10 bit v-mount production client monitor kit.

We picked up one of the Osee field monitor kits for rent as a compact client monitor. 10 bit  color with 3d LUT capabilities, v mount battery power option or shore power. The monitor stays perfectly within the case in use so it’s always protected and is easy to quickly mount on a baby stand and just as fast to wrap out at the end of the production day. Contact us for pricing and availability.


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