Available for rent! Dana Dolly universal kit.

dana-dolly-universal-rental-kit-w-caseThe Dana Dolly is a tried and true Ultra portable camera slider system allowing cinematographers and DP’s to achieve beautifully fluid dolly moves in the back country or used for small moves during interview shots.

The Dana Dolly universal rental kit accommodates 75, 100 and 150mm fluid heads giving maximum flexibility with varying camera systems. The rental kit contains two universal track ends which give the option of using pipe other than speed rail when only PVC, iron or galvanized pipe may be available at a local hardware store.


Our kit includes two low boy combo stands and all new low low adapter arms making the slider drop to the ground with ought the need for apple boxes and leveling wedges. With our system, you can adjust the stands as needed even on rough ground and find the perfect balance and height. Give us a call and come pick it up!