Kino Flo Select 30 LED light kit.

As fast as filmmakers are producing volumes of content, the lighting industry continues to morph with each season. Increased refinements in LED tech have made these times in grip and electric especially exciting.


Kino Flo has gone above and beyond to create nearly the perfect parter to the 4 and 2 bank fluorescent  tube series lights that transformed the film industry years ago. With these new select LED units, the lighting team received a welcomed tech partner. The select LED’s can find a cozy place next to Arri’s Skypanel C series LED’s with the same full color hue adjustments. Kino in some ways has gone a step further with including a built in wi-fi receiver to interface with Luminaire. The lights can be controlled remotely from your iPhone or Android on set.


The Select LED’s are light weight and slim with removable ballasts for remote operation. Having the flexibility of bi-color with green/magenta shift and now vivd colors allows for a broader spectrum of lighting applications with no need for gels or changing tubes. Contact us to find out product availability of these new Kino Flo Select 30 LED’s.